Common Asked Questions

When selling on eBay, is PayPal fee before or after eBay charges?

PayPal’s fees are before eBay charges.

Does PayPal email & eBay email need to be the same?

No, it can be different.

When I click on ‘Link My PayPal account?’, I was redirected to a PayPal signup page. How to fix this?

First, see whether you’ve added PayPal as your payment method for Seller Fees.

payment method for eBay's Seller Fees

If it isn’t, add PayPal as your preferred payment method for eBay’s Seller Fees and you’ll have no problem linking PayPal.

If PayPal is your preferred seller fees’ payment method, you’ll have to get in touch with eBay support.

Are PayPal fees listed on the monthly eBay invoice for sellers

No, PayPal transaction fees are not listed on the monthly eBay invoice. You have to look up the transactions on PayPal.