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United Kingdom Depop Fees Structure

Depop is a great place to sell some pre-loved items or pick up some vintage clothing. It is sort of like an online thrift marketplace with a lot of sellers.

Depop does not charge a listing fee and sellers can list as many products as they like.

The only fees charged are:

  • A flat 10% selling fee
  • Transaction fee

You can send your orders through either ‘Ship With Depop’ (dropoff and home collection) or other couriers. You also have an option to charge the buyer shipping. If the buyer pays for the shipping, the 10% selling price will be based on the sale price plus shipping charged.

For payment processing, you can choose either PayPal or Depop Payments. Both charge the same fees of 2.9% + £0.30.

For example, the sale price of an item is £10 and the shipping charged/cost is £2.

Buyer pays for shipping

  • Depop selling fee → (£10 + £2) * 0.1 = £1.20
  • Depop/PayPal transaction fee → (£10 + £2) * 0.029 + £0.30 = £0.65
  • Total Depop fee → £1.20 + £0.65 = £1.85

You/seller pays for shipping

  • Depop selling fee → £10 * 0.1 = £1
  • Depop/PayPal transaction fee → (£10 * 0.029) + £0.30 = £0.59
  • Total Depop fee → £1 + £0.59 = £1.59

For more info on Depop fees, go to their fees and charges page.

Depop Fees

Depop charges a flat rate of 10% for all sold listings, including international sale.

Ship With Depop Home Collection

Ship With Depop (dropoff and home collection) is powered by Hermes but it’s slightly cheaper than shipping direct with them.

The home collection price are:

  • Small: £3.80 (under 1kg)
  • Medium: £5.25 (under 2kg)
  • Large: £6.65 (under 5kg)

For more info on Ship With Depop Home Collection, refer to this page or Depop shipping guide.

Payment Processing Fees

Both PayPal and Depop Payments charges 2.9% + £0.30 for each transaction. Only difference is that Depop will pay direct to your bank account.

Depop Boosted Listings

Depop charges 8% if your item is sold through boosted listing tiles within a 28 days period.


How much is the Depop fee?

There are two types of fees when selling on Depop - selling fee and transaction fee. The selling fee is a flat rate of 10% and the payment processing fee is 2.9% + £0.30.

How are Depop fees calculated?

Depop charges a flat rate of 10% for each item sold and there is also a 2.9% + £0.30 transaction fee. You can choose either PayPal or Depop Payments as your payment processing. Depop selling fee is calculated based on sold price plus shipping charged whereas the transaction fee is based on the total sale price (sold price, shipping charged and tax).

Why is my Depop fee more than 10%?

Depop only charges 10% for its selling fee but there are transaction fees and Ship With Depop charges. The transaction fee is 2.9% + £0.30. If you choose Ship With Depop (dropoff or home collection), there are different prices based on the size of the parcel.