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United Kingdom Etsy Fees Structure

Etsy charges some standard fees for all sellers:

  • Listing fee
  • Transaction fee
  • Etsy payment processing fee (if you registered for it, which most sellers are)

You can go with PayPal for payment processing and they have their own charges.

If you want to grow your Etsy’s revenue, you can use Offsite Ads or/and Etsy Ads.

For more info on Etsy fees, go to their UK seller page or detail breakdown on UK fees and VAT.


An important note on how VAT is calculated for Etsy UK sellers.

If you are registered for VAT and entered it into Etsy, Etsy won’t charge VAT on fees. If not, all Etsy fees will plus 20% VAT.
Example, your total Etsy fee is £10. If you have entered your VAT number, the total fee will still be £10. If not, it will be £10 + (£10 * 0.2) = £12.

Note that if you are VAT registered, you will need to pay 20% VAT on your total sale price (sale price + shipping price). Similarly you can claim 20% VAT for item and shipping cost.

Etsy Fees

A listing costs £0.15 to publish. It will last for four months or until it is sold. When the item was sold, there is a 5% 6.5% transaction fee base on the total sale price (sale price + shipping price).

If your payment is processed by Etsy Payments, it will cost 4% of the total sale price plus £0.20 per order.

For example, the sale price of an item is £100 and the shipping charged is £10. Etsy will charge 20% VAT of £22.

  • Etsy listing fee → £0.15
  • Etsy transaction fee → (£100 + £10) * 0.065 = £7.15
  • Etsy payment processing fee → (£100 + £10 + £22) * 0.04 + £0.20 = £5.48
  • Regulatory Operating Fee → (£100 + £10) * 0.0025 = £0.28
  • Total Etsy fee (VAT registered) → £0.15 + £7.15 + £5.48 + £0.28 = £13.06
    Total Etsy fee (not VAT registered) → (£0.15 + £7.15 + £5.48 + £0.28) * 1.2 = £15.67

If you opt for PayPal, then ignore the Etsy payment processing fee. PayPal has its processing fee as stated further below.

For more details about Etsy Payments, please check out this page.

Regulatory Operating Fee

This was added on 1st July 2021. For sellers in the United Kingdom, the rate is 0.25% based on the total sales amount (excluding buyer VAT).

For more details about Regulatory Operating Fee, please check out this page.

Offsite Ads Fees

Etsy’s Offsite Ads are based on your total sale price (sale price + shipping price). The fee for an order will never exceed $100 USD (some currency conversion require), regardless of the order total.

For more details, please check out Etsy’s page about Offsite Ads.

Revenue in the past 365 days Fees Maximum charge
Less than $10,000 USD 15% $100 USD
Equal or more than $10,000 USD 12% $100 USD

Etsy Ads Fees

An Etsy ad will show up on the search result page when the user searched for something. Sort of like Amazon’s Sponsored Products or eBay’s Promoted Ads.

Etsy Ads are cost per click so each click costs differently depending on various factors. For more details, please check out Etsy’s page about Etsy Ads.

PayPal Fees

Type of payment Fees
Domestic 2.9% + £0.30
Europe 3.4% + £0.30
International 4.9% + £0.30
Micropayments 5% + £0.05


How Etsy fees are calculated?

Etsy charges £0.15 for each listing plus 6.5% of the total transaction amount (sale price + shipping price + sales tax).
If the transaction is processed via Etsy Payments, you'll pay an additional 4% plus a £0.20 transaction fee.
If the transaction is processed through PayPal instead, you'll pay an additional 2.9% plus a £0.30 transaction fee.

How much does Etsy charge per transaction?

Etsy charges 6.5% for each transaction and an extra 4% + £0.20 if you use Etsy Payments. For a £100 sale, the seller will need to pay Etsy (£100 * 0.065) + (£100 * 0.04) + £0.20 = £10.70

What percentage does Etsy take 2022?

  • Listing fee - £0.15 per item
  • Transaction fee - 6.5% of each transaction
  • Payment Processing - 4% + £0.20 for each transaction if you use Etsy Payments