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United States Etsy Fees Structure

Selling on Etsy is wonderful and a godsend for independent creators. For sellers, it is usually cheaper than other global marketplaces such as eBay.

There are a few basic Etsy charges:

  • Listing fee
  • Transaction fee
  • Etsy payment processing fee (if you registered for it)
  • Offsite ads fee (optional)
  • Etsy Ads (optional)

If you are not enrolled in Etsy payment, you can use PayPal for payment processing.

For more info on Etsy fees, go to their main seller page or detail breakdown on fees and taxes.

Etsy Fees

Publishing a listing costs $0.20 and it lasts for four months or until the item is sold. After the item was sold, there is a transaction fee of 5% 6.5% base on the total sale price (sale price + shipping price).

If you are enrolled in Etsy Payments, Etsy will also take 3% of the total transaction amount (sale price + shipping price + sales tax) plus $0.25 per order.

For example, the sale price of an item is $100 and the shipping price is $10. Sales tax of the buyer’s state is 8%.

  • Etsy listing fee is $0.20
  • Etsy transaction fee is ($100 + $10) * 0.065 = $7.15
  • Etsy payment processing fee is (($100 + $10) * 1.08) * 0.03 + $0.25 = $3.81
  • Total Etsy fee is $0.20 + $7.15 + $3.81 = $11.16

If you opt for PayPal, then ignore the Etsy payment processing fee. PayPal has its processing fee as stated further below.

For more details about Etsy Payments, please check out Etsy’s page about Etsy Payments.

Offsite Ads Fees

Etsy’s Offsite Ads are based on your total sale price (sale price + shipping price). The fee for an order will never exceed $100, regardless of the order total.

For more details, please check out Etsy’s page about Offsite Ads.

Revenue in the past 365 days Fees Maximum charge
Less than $10,000 15% $100
Equal or more than $10,000 12% $100

Etsy Ads Fees

An Etsy ad will show up on the search result page when the user searched for something. Sort of like Amazon’s Sponsored Products or eBay’s Promoted Ads.

Etsy Ads are cost per click so each click costs differently depending on various factors. For more details, please check out Etsy’s page about Etsy Ads.

PayPal Fees

Type of payment Fees
Domestic 3.49% + $0.49
International 4.99% + $0.49
Micropayments 4.99% + $0.09


How much does Etsy charge per transaction?

Etsy charges 6.55% for each transaction and an extra 3% + $0.25 if you use Etsy Payments. For a $100 sale, the seller will need to pay Etsy ($100 * 0.065) + ($100 * 0.03) + $0.25 = $9.75

How are Etsy fees calculated?

Etsy charges $0.20 for each listing plus 6.5% of the total transaction amount (sale price + shipping price + sales tax).
If the transaction is processed via Etsy Payments, you'll pay an additional 3% plus a $0.25 transaction fee.
If the transaction is processed through PayPal instead, you'll pay an additional 3.49% plus a $0.49 transaction fee.

How much does it cost to sell on Etsy 2022?

  • Listing fee - $0.20 per item
  • Transaction fee - 6.5% of each transaction
  • Payment Processing - 3% + $0.25 for each transaction if you use Etsy Payments