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Up-to-date as of 12 Jan 2021

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United Kingdom Stripe Fees Structure

Stripe offers a suite of products depending on your business needs. 'Payments' is the most common way to setup Stripe on your website. You will get access to different features such as accessing payment in various card provider as well as paid add-ons such as 3D secure authentication.

For physical businesses, you can also get their in-person payments named 'Terminal'.

Another product, 'Billing', is handy for freelancers or businesses that do recurring invoices to clients.

Standard Payments Fees

European CardsNon-European Cards
1.4% + ยฃ0.202.9% + ยฃ0.20

Billing Fees


Terminal Fees

European CardsNon-European Cards
1.4% + ยฃ0.102.9% + ยฃ0.10