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America eBay Motors & PayPal Fees Structure

Different from selling on eBay normally, eBay doesn't charge final value fee for motor listings. Instead, there are no free insertion and you need to choose you package and tool before you can list your vehicle on eBay motors.

eBay split sellers into two groups - Low-volume and high-volume.

Quoting direct from their site:
If you list up to six vehicles in a calendar year (January 1 to December 31), you're considered a low-volume seller. If you list seven or more vehicles in any calendar year, you're considered a high-volume seller. Once you become a high-volume seller, you'll keep that status permanently, year after year.

They consider one listing as each time you submit a vehicle listing or relist a vehicle.

Low-volume sellers can only use the quick listing tool, while high-volume sellers have access to quick listing tool and the advanced tool. There are optional listing upgrade for using advanced tool.

For more information on eBay Motors fees, check out eBay Motors website.

PayPal charge 2.9% + $0.30 for each transaction. For more information on PayPal fees, check out PayPal website.

Low-volume sellers

Please note that low-volume sellers can only using the quick listing tool and following are the cost of each package.

For more information on eBay Motors fees, check out eBay Motors website.

Basic package Plus package Premium package
$25 $55 $95

High-volume sellers

For more information on eBay Motors fees, check out eBay Motors website.

Quick listing tool

Plus package Premium package
$55 $95

Advanced tool

Main Category Subcategory Insertion fee Listing fees for up to $5,000 Listing fees for more than $5,000
Boats $20 $30 $60
Cars & Trucks $50 $0 $0
Motorcycles $20 $30 $60
Powersports $20 $30 $60
Other Vehicles & Trailers Everything else $20 $30 $60
RVs & Campers $50 $0 $0
Commercial Trucks $50 $0 $0

Optional listing upgrade

Optional listing upgrade Fee
10-day listing duration $18
30-day listing duration $50
Bold title $5
Buy It Now added to an auction listing $10
Gallery Plus $5
Listing Designer $5
Picture Pack $4
Reserve price for items more than $75,000 $99
Reserve price for items up to $75,000 $49
Subtitle $5
Value Pack $7

PayPal Fees

Domestic Sales
3.49% + $0.49